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A number of factors impact on an animal’s well-being and behaviour to which each and every companion animal is subjected to. When providing balanced care and welfare services it is essential, that we use an holistic approach!

Founder of Canine Hilton and pioneer for Canine Hilton Communications, Dr Mercia observed the existence of an entirely new and fresh approach towards the way dogs think in today’s structured society.

“My work with animals is based on a natural passion and instinct. I have a gift to grasp the nature of the emotional and spiritual energy when out of balance, to harmonise! My goal is to seek and establish Global Welfare Legislation and re activate the Welfare established in 250 BC.”

All services provided by the Canine Hilton are subject to DEFRA’s Animal Welfare legislation and based on the Duty of Care, known as the 5 Freedoms.

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Mercia is doing wonderful work. You can send her money, postal orders, cheques. Make a truly valuable contribution to this wonderful cause for making happy dog land.


Mercia and PaulThe Sixth Sense and Beyond!

Eat your hearts out non-believers, every sentient being is connected through the power of the mind and the unseen magnetic morphing fields. Evolution starts not on the physical plane, but like stardust from deep space, energy is all around us, sustaining life at every level.

The NITZSCHE CACP and PEPPU methods.

With over 35 years hands-on experience and pioneering with a passion Dr. Mercia designed the most comprehensive of holistic programming, to include the preservation and cultivation of the Companion Animal’s inner worlds. In life, all sentient beings deserve dignity, Justice and the Right to freedom for non-harmful ‘creative’ expression. Dr. Mercia researched the short term cognitive evolution of family dynamics from within the companion animals true nature and discovered entirely new techniques of learning that lie dormant amongst the natural social structures of our extended non-human Family members.

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inherent powerInherent Power

How to get the most from one’s companion canine by maintaining balance to accomplish ultimate performance.

Breeding techniquesBreeding techniques

Companion Animals are faced with fear before and during labour due to inexperience which can be controlled with the correct knowledge in the hands of the breeder. 


Key issue in ‘happy’ boarding is providing care that suits the individual animals by minimising separation anxiety and choosing compatible companions.


Reintroducing effective legislation that compliments the natural life condition of nature.

Dr.Mercia - Animal Comminication Excellence



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Animals grieving and in shock need to be allowed to heal. CACP TM provides the insights and technology required to modify all stress management at point of entry SPE TM to provide homeostasis and restore confidence. Improving closer bonds with guardian and animals. Copyright of Canine Hilton
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TRON the dog represents the aims and goals of the Canine Hilton. Dignity, honour, life from within the culture of the dog. CACP Companion Animal Culture Preservation
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Father Montague (Monty) and first born TRON.
The power of unconditional love is present in all sentient life. Anger arises from the gift of love to which conditions are attached. Those with unresolved issues and baggage expecting others to solve their problems. Dogs forgive all the time. An enlightened human rises above the views and life conditions of those who are deluded. Copyright of Canine Hilton CACP Culture Preservation)
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